Saturday, August 25, 2012

Color Run 5K

This morning I ran the Albuquerque Color Run 5K with my two friends, Christina and Joanna. We had such a blast!!! There were over 6,000 runners that showed up and all funds raised went to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.
The Color Run is a unique experience focused less on speed and more on crazy color fun with friends and family. White shirts are required at the start and runners get color plastered every kilometer with color! The color is food grade corn starch and dye, 100% natural and safe although not the best tasting!
We learned this week the Color Run doesn't normally hold this event in cities like Albuquerque, rather much larger cities such as Denver, New York City and Philadelphia are usually on the map. However, there was such a strong request from New Mexico to hold the race here, they added Albuquerque to the list of cities after they had already been picked; how awesome! The atmosphere was amazing, this truly was one of the more memorable things I've done and would do it again in a heartbeat!

Race Gear

Color Packet

Christina before the race

Me and Christina!

A small section of the line, over 6,000 people!

Me and Christina waiting to start

Me, Joanna and Christina almost to the start line!

It begins!

Post race color party

Post race!

How you chill bottled water for over 6,000 people, empty fountains filled with ice!

Dirty but happy!

Joanna and Christina

Me and Joanna

Color party!

Joanna being a goof!