Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snowy Santa Fe

So the weather man called for less than an inch this past Sunday... well... I think the final total amount was somewhere around 6 inches... nowhere near an inch! Here are some photos of our snowy weekend.

Watching it snow

Checking it out
Thought after two inches had fallen I'd better pick up some food, I made it to the store but was too scared to leave my car in the parking lot after sliding into a curb! 

I'd say that's definitely more than an inch wouldn't you?!

Whoa deep!

Leo just loves the snow!

Sissy's still checking it out

Time to play!

"Bye Mom!"

Next morning trying to get to my MedSurg final, roads were solid ice!  :-/

Highway was also solid ice!

I've been wanting to stop at Camel Rock Monument for years; I thought with all the snow it'd be the perfect time for my first visit!

 Natural formation that looks like a camel! Throughout the years, visitors have defaced it, so now most of the hump is gone :-(

Glamour Shots

Took the kids to the dog park this past week and got some great shots of Sissy and Leo. :-)